Under the Door Tool


Under The Door Tool

The under the door tool is 20% thinner than the classic UTDT and is calibrated precisely to meet and engage door hardware. The Nylon coated stainless steel cable is easily replaceable if needed. 43" of stiff reach-around.

The Under The Door Tool has one use, and its execution is swift and faultless: It goes underneath a door and pulls open a door handle from the inside.

The Under The Door Tool is a pentest professional industry standard that utilizes the implementation of United States requirements that door hardware be compliant to regulations for user-safety and universal accessibility. To meet building codes, lever handles are added to, or put in place of, a round door knob. This is public neccassity for ease of use of disabled persons.

As many physical penetration specialists know, most buildings keep the inside door lever unlocked from the inside in case of emergencies, or for convenience - even when the outside door lever is locked.