Survival Escape and Evasion DVD


In the year 2014 the United States of America averaged:

700 Abductions per day
8,000 home invasions per day
40 murders per day
And those are just the crimes that were actually reported.

Right here in the United States of America during relatively safe times, a violent crime occurs every 25.3 seconds. What will that look like when times get worse?

Escape Illegal Restraints
Duct Tape
Zip Ties and Flex Cuffs
Escape from the trunk of a car while handcuffed
How to secretly carry everyday items on your person to escape illegal restraints
How to lose someone who you suspect is following you
Anti Tracking & Counter Surveillance Techniques
Untraceable Communications
Lock Picking with tools as well as every day items
Cellphone Complacency
Anti-kidnapping techniques
Everyday disguises that will make you virtually disappear

Comes with practice kit
2- Barrett shims
4- Bobby pin picks
1- Discreet Handcuff key
1- Kevlar cordage